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About Me

If you told me that I would become a professional photographer when my children were first born, I would have thought you were crazy. Like every mom, I took endless pictures of minor milestones and big events alike, striving to get my three kids to smile for the perfect shot as I relentlessly documented their ever changing, constantly in motion lives. But a lot of my approach to photography changed when my eldest children neared their teenage years. Maybe it was the quiet realization that our family’s time together as we knew it had a limit.  Whatever it was, I found myself looking back on old photos and coveting the ones that really showed my family’s connection – the embraces, the laughter, and the endless action that was a true reality of our lives. So what if everyone wasn’t sitting pretty for the camera? We were taking it all in. Sometimes we were laughing, sometimes we were playing, but in those photos I had captured not just our family's spirit …. but also our love for each other. They are the photos that are my favorites of all.  

When the time came to reinvent myself in my second career, my passion for beautiful, artistic, authentic photography led me to create Nicole Jones Photography. I am positively obsessed with capturing families in a way that tells their story, showcases their bonds, and celebrates their unique spirit. I can't wait to meet your special family.  Thank you for stopping by. 

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