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You've booked your session, so now what? A little time preparing will go a long way to make sure you get the best results. Below are a few tips on getting ready for your shoot. Feel free to reach out if you have any clothing questions or need a recommendation on location salons that can help you prepare. 


Clothing choices for women vary widely and convey a lot about you, so make sure your outfit reflects how you want to seen in your photo. For a professional look, a well fitted jacket in bright colors help you stand out and convey confidence. Looking for a more casual vibe? Think fitted jeans and a nice blouse or sweater. Most importantly though choose an outfit you're going to feel great in! Nothing looks better in pictures than a confident smile and a strong pose. 


If you color your hair, make sure roots are touched-up and you have a fresh cut or blow dry. Whether you usually wear make-up or not, plan to wear make up for your photos -- the camera washes you out. Keep in mind that nails will show in photos, so make sure your polish choice fits the image you want to convey. Don't forget about jewelry. In general, I prefer classic options that don't distract from you, unless it's part of your personal brand story.

Here are some do's & don't for your photos:


-  Avoid sheer blouses or overly baggy shirts that can fall in unflattering lines. 

-  Jewel tones, bold colors or pastels are great for photographs. 

-  If wearing all black, opt for an interesting neckline or add a necklace. 

-  Jackets and blazers can add bulk so make sure it's fitted

-  Unless you love your arms, 3/4 length or long sleeves look best on camera. 

-  For pants stick with black, navy or dark wash jeans. 

-  Dresses are beautiful but should also be fitted at the waist.


For a professional look nothing is better than a well fitted suit jacket. If you're opting for a polished, but less formal look then tailored shirts and pullover sweaters with a clean, streamlined look photograph best. Avoid dress shirts with small repetitive patterns which can create a "moire" effect in photographs. Boxy shirts and baggy sweaters can add bulk, so opt for well fitted clothing in general. Consider a classic watch vs. trendy sports or apple watch for a more polished, professional look. If shooting outdoors, stay away from transitional glasses.

Don't forget about your skin! Take care to apply moisturizer and chap stick to your face and lips. Remove any loose change, phones or small items from your pockets before the shoot. 

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